Middle Grades Math - Level 1

Picture of Middle Grades Math - Level 1Middle Grades Math - Level 1 is the first program from Math League Multimedia designed to help students sharpen their math skills. The program is designed for 6th grade students, and is organized to supplement a standard 6th grade curriculum. There are over 5000 practice questions organized by math subjects, in addition to online help. There are 40 different major math subjects covered. Each subject has 6 days of practice problems of increasing difficulty. There are about 20 to 30 practice problems per day. A large number of word problems give students practice in applying their mathematical knowledge. Due to the large number and wide range of topics covered in this program, the program would be useful for advanced 5th graders, as well as 7th and 8th graders who need to sharpen some of their more basic math skills.

Students enter their answer for each problem, and are graded on a problem by problem basis. Correct answers are given for each problem, and many of the problems have detailed solutions so students can learn various problem-solving methods. Students can also browse help, search help topics, create bookmarks, and save reports on their progress.

Teachers love the Report Writer feature in Middle Grades Math - Level 1. Students' responses are saved for each problem, as well as the correct answer to each problem. Summary information showing the students' name, the time spent on the problem set, the number of problems answered, the number of problems marked correct are all saved, along with the percent of problems marked correct.

Middle Grades Math - Level 1 runs on PC-Windows platforms. It is available on CD-ROM..

System Requirements
To install and run Middle Grades Math - Course 1, your computer system must meet the following requirements.

  • An IBM-compatible computer with a 386, 486, Pentium processor, or higher.
  • A hard disk with a minimum of 10 MB free space.
  • A CD-ROM disk drive that functions under your version of windows.
  • A VGA display running in 256 color mode (or higher) under windows.
  • Run on any of: Windows Versions 3.x, Windows 95/98/2000, or Windows NT 3.51/4.0/5.0.
  • 8 MB of memory running Windows Version 3.x; 16 MB memory for other Windows platforms.

The following subjects are covered in Middle Grades Math - Level 1.


  • Week 1: Whole number place value, ordering, comparing numbers
  • Week 2: Operations and properties, order of operations, rounding and estimation

Decimals and Whole Numbers

  • Week 3: Decimal place value, tenths, hundredths, thousandths
  • Week 4: Adding and subtracting decimals
  • Week 5: Decimals through hundred thousandths, comparing and rounding decimals
  • Week 6: Multiplying whole numbers and decimals
  • Week 7: Dividing whole numbers, dividing decimals by whole numbers
  • Week 8: Dividing decimals by decimals
  • Week 9: Exponents (powers of 2, 3, 4, ...)

Using Data and Statistics

  • Week 10: Reading line graphs and pie charts
  • Week 11: Bar charts and mean, median, mode


  • Week 12: Factoring, greatest common factor, least common multiple, prime numbers
  • Week 13: Introduction to fractions, lowest terms, equivalent fractions
  • Week 14: Comparing fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers
  • Week 15: Decimals and fractions
  • Week 16: Adding fractions
  • Week 17: Subtracting fractions
  • Week 18: Adding and subtracting mixed numbers
  • Week 19: Multiplying fractions and whole numbers, fractions and fractions
  • Week 20: Multiplying mixed numbers, estimation
  • Week 21: Dividing fractions and mixed numbers
  • Week 22: Dividing mixed numbers, estimation, repeating decimals


  • Week 23: Lines, angles, polygons, triangles
  • Week 24: Coordinate geometry, perimeter
  • Week 25: Area, rotations, reflection, similar figures
  • Week 26: Solid figures, cross-sections, folding, volume and surface area of cube figures

Ratio and Proportion

  • Week 27: Ratio, comparing ratios
  • Week 28: Proportion, solving proportions, rate, solving problems with rates

Percent and Probability

  • Week 29: Percent as a fraction
  • Week 30: Percent as a decimal
  • Week 31: Applied percents
  • Week 32: Chances and probability
  • Week 33: Samples, estimation of probability, outcome


  • Week 34: Positive and negative numbers, absolute value
  • Week 35: Adding and subtracting integers
  • Week 36: Graphing integer coordinates, inequalities

Metric Units and Measurement

  • Week 37: Units of length, volume, mass
  • Week 38: Decimals in measurement, time

Introduction to Algebra

  • Week 39: Algebraic representation, word problems, mathematical expressions
  • Week 40: Problem solving, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in equations


Middle Grades Math - Level 1 is priced at $39.95.
Additional computers may be added on a site license basis at $5 per computer.
Additional media copies for site license use are available for $9, including a single site license for each copy.

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