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NEW - Free update to version 2.00.0003 of Middle Grades Math - Level 1 reader for registered users.

New Features

  • Ability to save your results to a Microsoft Access Database. Can specify location of database on a network to make tracking students' progress easy!
  • Improved network support for accessing the math6.m14 data file over a network. You can specify a UNC file name location for the math6.m14 data file on a server, eliminating the need to always connect using the same drive letter.
  • New and improved support for Hot Keys in dialog boxes and for navigating in Help and problem sets.
  • Native 32-bit program for Windows.


Please read the following installation instructions carefully before upgrading Middle Grades Math - Level 1:
You must have a copy of the Middle Grades Math - Level 1 CD-ROM in order to install and use this update.
1. Download the correct file for your version of windows.
2. Unzip the file into an empty directory.
3. Run the program setup.exe in this directory.
4. Follow the installation instructions on the screen.
5. The first time you run the program, you will be asked for the location of the math6.m14 data file, which is located in the root directory of the Middle Grades Math - Level 1 CD-ROM. You must have your CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive to run this program.
6. Please refer to the README.WRI file for detailed information regarding database support in this new version. Results are saved to a database only, you will need a separate database program to work with this data. The database is designed to work with future releases of Middle Grades Math (all levels).
7. To help us serve you better, users are encouraged to submit bug reports at http://www./forms/bugreport.htm. Thank you.


Update for users of Windows 95/98/2000/ME, Windows NT 3.51/NT 4.0/NT 5.0.

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