Math Contests Grades 4-8

Picture Math Contests Grades 4-8Math Contests Grades 4-8 contains the original math contests from Math League Press enjoyed by millions of students. With over 2000 interesting and challenging questions from more than 50 different math contests, this program covers an extensive variety of math topics for each grade level. New improved solutions for each contest help students learn and understand a wide range of problem-solving methods. Online help and problem-solving tips give your child or student solid reference material. Each math contest may be taken with a time limit (from 5 minutes to 200 minutes), or with unlimited time for extra practice in math. The online help can be enabled for reference, or turned off to take a contest to test a student's math ability. A report writer saves the results from each contest, so students can track their performance as they learn new math skills.

Math Contests Grades 4-8 is an excellent resource for teachers and Math Clubs. Teachers can make up their own worksheets and math contests by selecting and copying the math problems you want, in order to focus on particular math skills. Each problem is multiple choice. There are 30 problems on each contest for the 4th and 5th grade contests, and 40 problems for each 6th, 7th, and 8th grade contest. Students enter their answer for each problem, and can be graded on a problem-by-problem basis, or after taking a complete contest. Students can also browse help, search help topics, and create bookmarks for easy reference.

Math Contests Grades 4-8 runs on PC-Windows platforms. It is available on CD-ROM. .

System Requirements
To install and run Math Contests Grades 4-8, your computer system must meet the following requirements.

  • An IBM-compatible computer with a 386, 486, Pentium processor, or higher.
  • A hard disk with a minimum of 10 MB free space.
  • A CD-ROM disk drive that functions under your version of windows.
  • A VGA display running in 256 color mode (or higher) under windows.
  • Run on any of: Windows Versions 3.x, Windows 95/98/2000, or Windows NT 3.51/4.0/5.0.
  • 8 MB of memory running Windows Version 3.x; 16 MB memory for other Windows platforms.

Math Contests Grades 4-8 contains the following math contests:
5 - 4th Grade Math Contests
5 - 5th Grade Math Contests
13 - 6th Grade Math Contests
15 - 7th Grade Math Contests

15 - 8th Grade Math Contests


Math Contests Grades 4-8 is priced at $39.95.
Additional computers may be added on a site license basis at $5 per computer.
Additional media copies for site license use are available for $9, including a single site license for each copy.

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