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Last updated Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

Welcome to the MATH LEAGUE PRESS 's International school registration index for the 2018-2019 school year. Listed in the tables below are the schools currently registered for one or more of our math contests. Within the league listing, school names are grouped alphabetically first by country, then by city name, then by school name. The contest advisor's name, and a list of the contests the school is registered for, appears after the school name. School names may have multiple listings, one for each contest advisor. If a school name does not appear in the list, it is NOT yet registered for any contests in this year's competition.

Search Tips: if you cannot locate your school, be sure to check for alternate school names, for example, PS123 might also be called George Washington School, or Public School 123. Schools belonging to a district with multiple counties may be listed under EITHER county. If a state name, province, territory, or country is not listed in the list boxes below, then NO schools have registered for competitions in the respective region.
Country City School Name Teacher or Advisor Registered for these Contest(s)
Brazil Sao Paulo Assoc. Esola Graduada de Sao Paulo Ross Smith High School  
China Dongguan, Guangdong International Sch of Dongguan Henry Valencia High School  
China Shanghai Shanghai Community International Sch Seng Budyani High School  
China Tianjin 300350 International School of Tianjin Martin McMulkin High School  
China Shanghai SUIS: Jiaoke Campus Jerry Hu High School  
China Shanghai Shanghai HS International Div. Yan Jie Grade 4   Grade 5   Grade 6   Grade 7   Grade 8   High School  
China Hangzhou Hangzhou #14 SS Antoon Kooij High School  
China Shanghai Soong Ching Ling School Thomas Merchant Grade 6   High School  
Colombia Cali, Valle del Cauca Colegio Bolivar Robert Millett Grade 6   Grade 7   Grade 8   High School  
India Mumbai Segue Global Prep School Shajid Merchant High School   Algebra Course 1
Indonesia Jakarta Jakarta Intercultural Sch Robert Davies High School  
Japan Tokyo-to ASIJ Misael Jose S Fisico High School  
Kenya Nairobi Rosslyn Academy Wes Loewer High School  
South Korea Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea International School Jeffrey Jacobsen Grade 6   Grade 7   Grade 8   Algebra Course 1
South Korea Daejeon Taejon Christian Intl. Sch Sangio Yoon Grade 7   High School   Algebra Course 1
Mexico Ensenada Colegio Pearson Jessica Baumgartner Grade 7   Grade 8   High School  
Netherlands Wassenaar American Sch of The Hague Justin Freeman High School  
Thailand Nonthaburi International School Bangkok Colin Stephenson High School  
Turkey Istanbul Irmak Schools Tulin Tufan High School   Algebra Course 1
Turkey Istanbul Sezin College Ayse Nur Tanc High School  

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