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Welcome to the CANADIAN NATIONAL MATHEMATICS LEAGUE 's school registration index for the 2019-2020 school year. Listed in the tables below are the schools currently registered for one or more of our math contests. Within the league listing, school names are grouped alphabetically first by province or territory, then by city name, then by school name. The contest advisor's name, and a list of the contests the school is registered for, appears after the school name. School names may have multiple listings, one for each contest advisor. If a school name does not appear in the list, it is NOT yet registered for any contests in this year's competition.

Search Tips: if you cannot locate your school, be sure to check for alternate school names, for example, PS123 might also be called George Washington School, or Public School 123. Schools belonging to a district with multiple counties may be listed under EITHER county. If a state name, province, territory, or country is not listed in the list boxes below, then NO schools have registered for competitions in the respective region.

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Note: Provinces and territories not listed in the menus above have no schools registered.
Province City School Name Teacher or Advisor Registered for these Contest(s)
Alberta Calgary Bishop Grandin HS Shannon Dougall High School  
Alberta Edmonton Strathcona Comp. HS Maureen Selk High School  
British Columbia Abbotsford Abbotsford Chrstn Sch-Clayburn Hills Jessica Schuurman Grade 4   Grade 5  
Nova Scotia Halifax Armbrae Academy Kevin Jager Grade 6  
Ontario Mississauga A. A. Martin Sr. Pub. Sch Supriya Trikha Grade 6   Grade 7   Grade 8  
Ontario Richmond Hill Academy for Gifted Children Barbara Rosenberg Grade 4   Grade 5   Grade 6   Grade 7   Grade 8   High School  
Ontario Barrie Barrie North Collegiate Erika MacPhail High School  
Ontario Toronto Northern Sec Sch Jennifer Molloy High School  
Ontario Mississauga St. Joseph Sec. School Grace Perrone High School  
Ontario Kitchener St. Mary's HS Doug Turner High School  
Ontario Orillia Twin Lakes Sec. Sch Jeff Irwin High School  

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